New Explora Interfaces and End of Searchasaurus, Kids Search and Student Research Center

Published on Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 11:31

The Searchasaurus, Kids Search and/or Student Research Center interfaces that EBSCO has made available will be discontinued in June 2016. They are being replaced by Explora. The content available to you in EBSCO is NOT changing!

There are many different ways to search the EBSCO research information available to Basic and Full Service MOREnet members. You can search a database like Book Collection: NonFiction or Newspaper Search through its own URL, through the main EBSCO portal at or through an interface that searches only materials appropriate for certain age groups. These interfaces include Searchasaurus, Kids Search and Student Research Center which are being replaced by the Explora interface.

Do you currently have links to Searchasaurus, Kids Search and/or Student Research Center on your website? Please add links on your website to the Explora interfaces listed below. You’ll not only have access to the same research content but also additional content including grade level Topic Overviews, health videos and Associated Press videos that are not currently available in the Kids Search and Student Research Center interfaces.

Additional information on all MOREnet Online Resources including the Explora interfaces is available at There is also a Learn about Explora - New Graphical Searching Tool! recorded webinar to learn more about this new interface.

Explora is very customizable! Any library could create their own Explora profile to search databases they choose. MOREnet has also customized Explora to offer four different options to represent the different age levels and research needs of our members. The four Explora interfaces for MOREnet and the databases they search are listed below.

EBSCO resources can be accessed from home. Contact MOREnet Technical Support at for information on configuring the Explora URLs for remote access.

Explora – Elementary

Explora – Middle School

Explora – High School

  • Book Collection Nonfiction: High School Edition
  • Book Collection Nonfiction: Middle School Edition
  • MAS Ultra – School Edition
  • Newspaper Source
  • Science Reference Center
  • Topic Overviews 6-12
  • eBook K-8 Collection*
  • eBook High School Collection*
  • Consumer Health Complete
  • Middle Search Plus

Explora – General Research and eBooks

*Members have the choice between the eBook Public Library Collection OR the eBook K-8 and High School Collections. K-12 schools by default have the eBook K-8 and High School Collections in their EBSCO Profile. When accessing Explora – General Research the K-12 eBooks are not accessible to schools. Other members have default access to the eBook Public Library Collection. When searching Explora – Elementary, Middle or High School access to the K-12 eBooks is not available. Members have the option to switch their eBook packages by emailing