Librarian Resources

Consortium Discount Opportunities (For Fee Resources)

  • MOREnet has negotiated with several vendors to offer consortium pricing for various online databases. These additional databases are not a part of the state funded online resources available to MOREnet members but can be purchased separately.

Licensing Information

MARC Records

  • MARC records for your library system to make some of these resorces searchable in your library system.

Title Lists

  • List of periodicals and other materials are included in the MOREnet Online Resources.

URLs for Resources

  • Find URLs and descriptions for for all the available resources.

Usage Statistics

  • A member organization can access organization level usage statistics in the following ways:

    • High level usage like total full text or searches by month for each vendor is available through the Member Summary in MyMOREnet.
    • Each vendor provides administrative tools that allow more detailed statistics than what is available in MyMOREnet. Additional information is available by contacting MOREnet Technical Support at

    Please contact MOREnet Technical Support at or 1-800-509-6673 for assistance in obtaining usage statistics.

Website Tools

  •  Information on embeding a search box or widget on your webpage and links to icons and buttons for your website.