Technical Resources


Mobile Usage

Information on accessing the online resources through mobile devices.

Remote Access Information (Access from Home)

Access from home, referred to as REmote Access is allowed under the licensing agreements with the vendors that provide these resources. Until remote acces is setup at the request of each organization, IP authentication from a workstation at the member location is the only access.  LearningExpress allows individuals to setup an account from a school or library device. Once created the account will work from any location or ISP.

URLs for Resources

Find URLs and descriptions for all the available resources.

Usage Statistics

  • A member organization can access organization level usage statistics in the following ways:

    • High level usage like total full text or searches by month for each vendor is available through the Member Summary in MyMOREnet.
    • Each vendor provides administrative tools that allow more detailed statistics than what is available in MyMOREnet. Additional information is available by contacting MOREnet Technical Support at

    Please contact MOREnet Technical Support at or 1-800-509-6673 for assistance in obtaining usage statistics.

Website Tools

Find information on embedding a search box on your website and links to database icons and images.

Vendor Technical Support Information 



EBSCOadmin is an administrative module provided by EBSCO that allows organizations to customize their searching experience and to obtain more detailed utilization statistics.

Scroll down to the section with EBSCOadmin Tutorials heading.

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